Monday, 22 July 2013

Button Bracelets

Good morning all,

Just wanted to share these little beauties with you:

 My latest batch of home made button bracelets :)

Whenever I do a craft fair, these seem to be the 'hot cakes' of the occasion. They always get a look in and the comments are always the same; "arr, they're so cute!" and "I've got loads of buttons, would never have thought to make these!" and such like...

I love making them and I make them of varying lengths so everyone is sure to find one that fits, but I had to stop as I ran out of thread! I use a special thin yet strong waxed twine and its great, as it sits just how you want it to - it holds the buttons in place yet molds easily to the wrist, giving a lightweight feel and a very pretty look!

Here's a pic of when I had just finished this batch:
You see the twine? That's all I have left...soon be off to the shops!

My next fair is at the beginning of August so I am saving these for then - of course if you would like one, just ask, we can get that sorted. They are only £2.49. Bargain!

Thanks for reading, pass this on if you like or leave a comment.


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