Friday, 26 April 2013

Fun and Cute Key Rings!

Evening all,

For the last couple of days I have been working on these:

Firstly, little square key rings with butterflies and hearts.

They measure 1.5" square and are really cute little gifts :) I think key rings are an item that people will always have and I wanted to make really small ones that were pretty, attractive and easy to spot in a bag. That's where these came from!

Secondly, I have made these key handles:

I really like these and thought they would make a pretty yet practical addition to your keys. Again, after a little thought I developed them to make your keys an easy 'Grab and Go'!

And thirdly, I made these £1 coin holders:

These actually developed when I was designing the little square key rings; I thought they were just about the right size, but they were actually too big - these little cuties are only just over an inch square and fit a £1 coin nice and snug, perfect for your shopping trolley! You may be able to see from the picture below how you store the coin and I have made the tabs just a little longer than the other ones, so that the coin can be maneuvered easily. :) You need never scrabble about in your purse again for a £1 as the key ring will be attached to your keys.

I have another craft and gift fair coming up at Matlock Bath and these are the kinds of things that I think will sell. Hopefully anyway. I have be trying to design and make items that are £5 and under, as most people will have at least a fiver with them on a day trip...

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Sunday, 21 April 2013


Good afternoon all,

Remember the scrunchies from the 90's? They're back! OK, so they've been back for a while but hey, don't blame me for living under a rock!

So, moving on, I made these:

Now, I am not afraid to admit that my brain doesn't always help me sometimes. By this I mean I have to think really hard on how to make stuff sometimes and these little piglets gave me a bit of jip. They look so easy, don't they? Don't they?! But oh no, not to me... I must have spent a good three-four hours trying to work it out how to get clean, inside machined joints, with little or no hand sewing to finish and have the elastic 'free flowing' (not sewn to the material anywhere) and completely circular inside and boy, when I worked it out, I could have cried! :) I made about 6 in experimental stages that have all gone into my 'ugly fruits' box, until I made them that are professional and strong to use. Phew.

Red Dotty

Multi Coloured Spotty

Pale Pink

I have made 7 different kinds so far and they fit my hair which is super super thick and my God-daughter's that I am sure she won't mind me saying, is super thin. So, one size fits all is what I am saying.

I am about to list them on Etsy and they will be just £1.99 a piece. Yet another bargain me thinks! Would you like one?

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Thanks for reading, have a good week,

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Friday, 19 April 2013

Lip Salve Holders

Evening all,

I made these today:

Lip salve, chap stick or lipstick holders that can be attached to your key ring, purse or hand bag, using the split key ring, so you can find it quickly with no fuss.

I saw something like these quite some time ago yet I can't remember where and when I was using my lip salve recently, I remembered them and thought "a-ha!" So I thought about it some more, came up with a plan and developed these. :) I think they are quite cute and at £4 a pop - bargain! See them in my Etsy shop right now. 

Coming soon - scrunchies!

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Other Forget-Me-Not Businesses

Hi all,

Just a quick one, I wanted to point you in the direction of my other businesses, still linked in with the Forget-Me-Not name:

Forget-Me-Not Miniatures


Forget-Me-Not Mini Food

The first is the business my husband David and I run, where we make and supply 1/12th scale dolls house collectable furniture and accessories and the second is the business I run, which is 1/12th and 1/24th scale dolls house miniature food.

And of course, don't forget (Get it? That's why we chose forget-me-not, so people don't forget...)

Forget-Me-Not Crafts

which is my own business, for real sized people!

Please click on the links and take a look...thank you for reading, Like me if you like, or share or leave a comment. :)


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Shh, it's a secret

Evening all,

This post has to be kept quiet as this item is for my step-son and daughter in law...sshhh. They are expecting their second little girl in about a week's time (eek!) and I thought they would appreciate the item below. I don't think they follow my blog so on this occasion, I'm quite glad!

Here it is:

Does it look like a Messenger Bag? Well it is, but with added benefits. I have named it a Person to Pushchair Nappy Bag. Oh yes indeed. Meaning you put all the items you need for nappy changing, on a day out with baby, into the bag and place it over the arm of the pushchair - or over the body of the parent/carer. But it gets better...

As you will see from the picture below, it attaches to the pushchair in a way that prevents it from swinging around and hitting your legs while you walk. The straps are velcro so can easily be attached and detached as needed. (I haven't got a pushchair to show how it works, but I think you'll get the gist...) and then, if you need to take the bag with you, it slings over your body as a stylish messenger bag. :D

Now, I can't take credit for the idea on this item, I saw it over at makeit-loveit and did just that - but of course I made a few alterations to suit.

I also made a little nappy holder to go with it:

Cute huh? You can just take out the nappy bag (which actually has baby wipes and talc inside in the photo) and use when you need, or drop into a different bag as and when. The possibilities are endless! 

I have put a few bits and bob inside too to get them started and there is PLENTY of room for much more inside. The outside cloth is really thick and sturdy and I made the inside with oilcloth - easy for moping up spills...

So, what do you think? Do you like it? My husband was very pleased and I like it too - I hope they do!

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Take care, thank you for reading, until the next time,

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Button Bracelets and Veg Half Apron...

Good evening all,

Today I have been working on these:

And this:

Yep, TOTALLY different projects!

Firstly, the button bracelets. I had made quite a few before but I sold out (all but one) at the fair on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at The Matlock Bath Craft & Gift Fair and so I made some more. There's only 6 complete at the moment until I get some more buttons! There was actually a lady who visited my stall on Sunday who said she had a lot of buttons she didn't need anymore and asked if I would like them - the words 'snap her hand off' came to mind! She took a card and said she'd contact me - I hope she follows through...

Secondly, the half apron in vegetable print. The idea came to me whilst making the button bracelets. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. I have had the material, made by Charlotte Ramel for Ikea for ages and only ever thought about making vegetable bags with it. But, as they prefer thicker and darker bags I thought it wouldn't do, so it sat on the shelf. But today - boom - it just came to me. I quickly got my pad out, sketched and measured and planned and sewed and it was done. It's finished size is 20" at the top, 22" at the bottom and 19" long and I think it's really cute! Every home should have a pinny and I think this would bring a smile to any cake making session. :)

Anyway, just going to pop them on Etsy so thanks for reading and see you soon.
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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Matlock Bath Old Methodist Church Craft & Gift Fair

Evening all,

So, it's gone 1am and I am STILL up, having spent today unloading, sorting, stock taking and generally working my butt off post-fair to get the workroom and house back in order, after the build up and exhibition at an 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' event in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire. The event was a 3 day Easter Bank holiday affair and I exhibited some of my wares and sold a few - I am cream-crackered but had a really good time.

Part of my stall, my stall close up, one of the many advertising signs outside, people coming in during setting up
 The venue has been, to quote Joolz the organiser/owner, " a four year labour of love" renovating the old Methodist Church and they have done an amazing job. I remember it years ago when it was a furniture shop and it was full to the brim. It was so dark and dingy it was a pleasure to get out, but now, as you can see from the pictures, it is light and airy and a great space for exhibitions. My favourite part is the original wood floor. Nathan, husband to Joolz, said it took 200 man-hours to get it looking so good. Wow.

I was really pleased to get some interest in my goods and although mornings seemed to be 'slow' for me, I sold quite a few things in the afternoons including all but one of my button bracelets, tissue holders, hand warmers, various make-up bags, wrist 'go-bags', totes and Easter baskets, so I was very pleased. I was stood next to 'Dad's Bees' who sell lots of products which all contain honey produced by their family's bees in Chesterfield. Although they don't have a website at present, you can see their fabulous food hygiene rating of five info here. We had quite a few laughs with Linda and Paul throughout the day, and I was very pleased that my husband could spare time helping me load and unload and sell a few things, especially as he was exhibiting at Kettering at a Dolls House and Miniatures Fair on the Sunday. I have learned lessons and can't wait to go back again. The fairs are on each weekend right through to the end of October, including the time of the Matlock Illuminations, so if you get chance, please pop along and spend a bit with the stall-holders.

Also, I would like to mention a button I have just placed on the blog regarding pillow case dresses, made for girls in poorer parts of the world. I won't say much more right now, only that you need to click the button and see what a great idea it is. An America charity put an article in a magazine entitled 'Dress a Girl Around the World' and has since gained a UK Partner in Louise of SewScrumptious. Fabulous!

Anyway, I MUST go to bed now, thanks for reading and if you like, 'Like me on Facebook, leave a comment here, share me with your friends or leave me a message on Twitter.

Until the next time...

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