Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Fairs and New Products

Afternoon all,

I have been busy. As usual. Over the last two weekends, I exhibited at the Bakewell Town Hall for Craft Fairs and both were worthwhile. I had really good fun at each fair, made some more friends and made even more sales. A couple of people asked if I have a list of fairs and their dates that I am attending and although I didn't right then, I told them to look at my Facebook page every now and then, as I usually list up-and-coming dates on there. You can too...

Whilst I was at one fair, Verity, who runs Hedgerow Pickles and Preserves asked if I made Notice Boards. I said no. Then I thought about it and when I got home I planned it and then the following day I made these:

Tiny Blue Flowers with Cream Ribbon

Strawberries with Red Ribbon

I sent Verity an e.mail that day and she responded with "Oh my God, you don't mess around do you?! They're perfect!"

I was pleased. And so I made the strawberries one today. What's tomorrow you ask? Well, I ran out of some of the materials so I can't make any more until re-stocked. They are fully padded, the ribbons are taut and finished off with cute little buttons. They are ideal for sliding in business cards, envelopes, bills etc and you can also use fancy clips to attach things if you wish...

What do you think?

Leave me a comment if you like, Like me on Facebook too if you wish or pass this on. I'd love to hear what you think. There will be more styles, sizes and designs coming soon. I am exhibiting at one of Verity's Fairs in June so I may save them and make a stash for then...afterall, these were her idea ;) Thanks Verity!

Thanks for reading, have a happy week :)

(C) FMN Crafts 2014.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Matlock Bath Craft Fair

Evening all,

Just a short note to say that tomorrow and on Sunday I am at Matlock Bath Methodist Church, in the beautiful Peak District, at a Craft, Gift and Food Fair. Doors open 11.00am - 5.00pm. Please pop in if you can, there promises to be some great products not usually found on the high street! For more details, see the organisers Facebook page.

Thank you,
Julie. :)

Monday, 7 April 2014

Miniatura and New Lip Salve Holder Keyrings

Hello all,

We have been busy.

You know how my husband and I have a business between us called Forget-Me-Not Miniatures, well two weekends ago we stood at the Spring Miniatura show at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre (NEC) and it was quite a weekend!

A view of the hall

We arrived on the Friday (as traders are allowed entry to the hall to set up), we set up, found the hotel, ate and drank with friends, slept, arrived at the NEC again first thing Saturday morning and got ready to sell. Well, David didn't sit down until about 2pm (the doors opened at 10am) and I sat down, for a pot noodle, at about 3pm-ish. IT WAS PACKED. We had a great fair which also ran on the Sunday (although a little quieter) and we sold lots of miniatures. Our neighbours were Karen and Ray of Ray Storey Lighting and we always have a laugh with them, but we hardly spoke that first half a day! Wow. It was a great atmosphere, just what we needed and really fun for all involved. If you don't know much about Doll's House Miniatures, you should click some of the links and explore - it is a facinating business. So, here's to Autumn Miniatura.

And so, on our return, needless to say we had a little re-stocking to do and so that is what we were doing for most of last week. I had totally ran out of Huntley and Palmer's Assorted Biscuits and so I have been making them, David has been cracking on with Tudor Furniture and he is also making us some new stands for the stall... Lovely. Here are the biscuits by the way:

Huntley & Palmer's Family Assorted Biscuits (approximately 30 of 9 sorts)

Over the weekend, I returned my attentions to Forget-Me-Not Crafts and started to replace stock from my last Craft Fair in Bakewell. One of my lines which I sold out of bar one was the Lip Salve Holder Keyring. So here is how my new batch started life:

 And this is how they ended up:

I really love these little things, they are so pretty and yet so practical. Just clip your keys on or attach one to your bag and you need never be without your favourite lip salve, lip gloss or lipstick again! What I have started to do is make each and every one of them in different materials, so that each one is unique and each customer will receive a unique item. I think it's a nice touch and certainly evades repetition too.

I will always try, wherever possible, to add my FMN Crafts tabs and this is where they go on these items:

All the lip salve holders come with a lipsalve and all of them are brand new, of course. They vary (strawberry, aloe vera, original etc) so a customer may either choose one or take pot luck!

They make really good gifts too... Find them NOW in my Etsy Store. More news coming later in the week...

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment or Like me on Facebook (I've got 60 Likes now!) Have a great day.


(C) FMN Crafts 2014