Tuesday, 11 December 2012

New Items on Etsy

Good evening all,

Is it just me, or does anyone else find themselves consumed with the computer after tea-time?? Anyway, it seems to grab hold of me and doesn't let go, whether it's updating files, adding pictures or adding items to my store, the time is 22:46 and I have just tweeted about new items added, before heading here - it never ends! But hey, I am NOT complaining :D

So, the reason I'm here. I have just added 5 new items to my store! Well actually, added  2 and re-listed 3. They are:

(From top, then left to right) Busy Flower Flat Base Make-Up Bag, Large Country Kitchen Print Tote/Bag, Roll-Up Reversible Red Dotty & Floral Tote/Bag, Pink Fan Floral Flat Base Make-Up Bag, Large Shopping Bag/Tote Bag in Green, White & Cream.

They are all items I love to make and I have made some of them to use myself. I really enjoy the designing and take inspiration from all over the internet and books, but my favourite part is making them up. Of course, if I sell some then even more the joy!

Head on over to my Etsy shop for more details and more pictures, pass it on to your friends and/or tweet about it, or just leave me a comment!

Have a great day (or sleep as it is in my case ;))

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Monday, 10 December 2012

Craft In The City

Hi all,

So, I love living in Nottingham, not only for it's culture and diversity, its age, Nottingham Castle and Wollaton Hall and beautiful gardens etc, but also for it's Craft Fairs! For all the weekends though December, there is a company called Craft In the City http://www.craft-inthecity.co.uk @Craft_InTheCity running Fairs at Waterstones Book Store and this weekend, Dave and I went to take a look. It was lovely. I have pinched a few people's photo's and named them here, so although I wasn't exhibiting on this occasion, I think it's worth promoting.

Ceramics by David Pantling
 Dawn Feeney (Jewellery, find on Facebook) and Textiles by Wild Goose Designs
 An action shot! By Louise Wright
 And her at her stall with all her goods
 Metal Jewellery designed by Nottingham Trent Uni graduate Natasha Thorogood

Knitted Textiles by Janie Withers 

And this is their advertising poster for this year - there is still time to visit!

It has a really nice feel to the fair and you will see on they're website they run fairs at other venues throughout the year too. I hope to exhibit at as many as I can! Maybe see you there....

Have fun today,