Friday, 14 September 2012

Project Eve

I just joined a company called Project Eve where they say they are the ultimate business network for women. I have no idea if they will be able to help me in anyway, and it seems they are quite new themselves - they don't half send out a lot of tweets! It's not that I think I need much help with business due to the fact that my husband's business has been running for over 20 years successfully with me at his side, but it's just that I have a new audience with new projects that are new to me. So any help / exposure I can get he better. Which reminds me, if I'm talking to air, no can do, but if you are reading this, you're a real human being, do you think you could comment and let me know some one is actually there please? Thank you.

And so, I also wanted to say that I haven't made any new items over the last few days as my husband and I decided to get a new floor (wood) in the hall, which is being fitted next Tuesday, and so we've had to rip out the old carpet and re-paint the whole hall, wiping down, rubbing down, undercoating and gloss etc. Joy! BUT, at the same time, I decided to re-paint the bath room too. More joy! Bad choice of timing as I am trying to get busy on my business, and we also have a massive exhibition coming up next weekend AND a wedding to attend this Sunday!

So, again, more real and relevant news coming soon (as soon as). Let me know what you think so far and let me know what you do to fill your day!

Thanks for reading. Julie. x

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Although I know nobody involved, connected to or affected by personally, I just want to say that I am thinking of all those who are involved with the 9/11 tragedy. God bless all and to those who suffered as a consequence of, be strong.

Next Chapter

OK, so I have actual backache from sitting here and working on the Internet for so long. Is that normal? Is it normal not to know what the weather is like? Is it normal to stop blinking and only realise when you can hear them trying? And look above, I have made a new banner thingy! Not totally satisfied but working on it...Perseverance required Julie.

So, again, you may have noticed a few other changes on here. (Of course, I hope I am actually talking to a live somebody and not to air - if you are reading this, please let me know...) Anyhoo, as I was saying, differences. There's a page above that links to my Etsy shop! Woop. Bring out the flags! I have about 6 items on there so far, I have been busy taking pictures, editing and uploading and writing descriptions and all that, as well as trying to eat & sleep. There is still quite a lot more to do on it yet, but it's getting there. Waiting nervously for my first sale... 

 This is a Large Country Kitchen Print Tote / Shopping Bag
 Heart Print Pot Holder
 Red Dotty Lunch Bag

Also, you can now click to follow me on Twitter and Pinterest. I am actually quite new to Pinterest and I LOVE it. I could spend hours upon end on there. If fact I have, as you probably guessed. That must be why I have dry-eye... The craft rooms on there are really fascinating to me and one day when I grow up I'm going to have a fancy room like them. At the moment, I have a 'workshop' (the spare room) that I share with my husband and all his miniature making, so it's really cramped. But manageable non-the-less. Sure, it would be lovely to have more space, but as long as the products turn out right, that's all that matters right? 

I digress. If you would like to take a look on Etsy, I would appreciate it. You may see something you like. If you would like to follow me on Twitter, please do so. And if you wish to look at Pinterest, go for it! Have a nice day, thanks for reading. Julie.xx

Saturday, 8 September 2012


Hi all,

Just a little quick one to say I have just opened my Etsy Shop! There is only one item so far (I am very tired, must go to bed, got to be up at 4.30am for an exhibition in Stafford. Yawn!) and so much, much more is to come... Go take a look for now anyway! Thank you. Oh and if you do so, could you please leave a comment here? And hey, the first one to comment gets a gift. OOOoooohhhhh! 

Etsy Shop :)

Thanks for reading, Julie. x

Monday, 3 September 2012

First Post!

Wow, I actually took the plunge and made a blog. Cannot. Believe. It. I must have been living under a rock. I should have done this a long time ago, but I always thought "who's going to want to read my blogs? What am I going to blog about?" There are SO MANY interesting blogs out there that I feel a total novice. Well, I am, so please bare with me!

I am a 'crafter', and by that I mean I do crafty things. No, not that kind of crafty things, I make crafty things. It's not going well.

So, I make things.
I make bags and pin cushions and aprons and picture frames and make-up bags and things like that. Here's a little picture of some of the things I make: You can also see some items I have made on Flickr here.

I think you may be able to read about me in my profile, but for now: My husband and I have a business together already, established in 1991 called Forget-Me-Not Miniatures. You can take a look here. We make and retail collectable dolls house miniatures and accessories in the 1:12th scale, meaning for those who don't know, any 'real' sized item can be made into a miniature at a ratio of 1 feet to 1 inch. David makes all kinds of furniture and garden wears and specialises in Tudor furniture, and I make the food and accessories. I have made many items you may consider crafts, i.e. blankets, tissue boxes, aprons etc and I had the urge to get back into making real sized items too, so here I am! And as a business name, I chose similar, in Forget-Me-Not Crafts. Soon I hope to sell on Etsy, Folksy or otherwise and at Craft Fairs - I guess I'll let you know!

I hope to post regularly and I hope you enjoy - I have no idea how this is going to go... :)

Happy crafting... Julie. x