Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Hi all,

Excited - had to share this with you.

When I was on Twitter yesterday, I noticed @sewing_online posted that she was just two Likes away from reaching 8600 Likes on her Facebook page and I replied by saying I only had nine... I know, very sad, just 9, and asked if she (Kim) would Like my Facebook page please...

So, Kim tweeted about me to all her followers, and asked them to go and Like my page to get it up to 50 really soon...

This morning I had 9, now I have 48!!!! So excited! That means people have been looking at my pages, they will have seen some of my products and you never know it may even lead to some sales!

I love her Website, her Twitter page and her Facebook page; please click on over and take a look :)

If you read this, thank you, please Like me on my Facebook page, visit my Twitter account or leave a comment here. I LOVE the communication it brings. Thank you.


Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Great British Sewing Bee

Evening all,

OK, first off, I have to be REALLY careful with my spelling on this blog as my Mum slapped my wrist recently due to misspelled words…So, on wiht the bolg.

In fcat if you can raed tish wihtuot too mcuh truobel tehn yuor brian is wokrnig wlel; we can raed wrdos as usaul as lnog as the fisrt and lsat lettres are in the cerroct palce... I thnik.

So that must be it Mum - I was speed reading when proof-reading…baaaad.

Anyway, this is just a small blog this evening to say that I HAVE THIS:

Yes, I AM HOOKED with the Great British Sewing Bee, to the point that I record each episode whilst watching it and then watch it again the following day while eating lunch – sometimes I watch it the day after too! I really do enjoy the show and seeing that I haven’t made a single item of clothing in my life, I am learning by watching everything they do. And that’s what led to the book purchase – from my beautiful husband. He knows how much I love the show and he just had to buy me the book. What a gem. The book comes complete with 5 full sized clothes patterns too, so there is no excuse to just get going. I know that my experience with making things will help, I already have some skills, but making actual clothing will be a challenge I will rise to. Watch this space for completed articles!

The #GBSB is on BBC Two every Tuesday evening at 8pm – set it to record if you won’t be able to watch it. I implore you. 

Goodnight for now...
p.s. Spot any mistakes? Let me know - before my Mum does! x

Monday, 10 March 2014

Black and White Stipes Brooch Flower Bag

Afternoon all,

I have been busy designing and making this bag and would like to share it with you now:

It is one of my absolute favorites, and no, I'm not bias, I am a realist and I REALLY like this! It is made of hard wearing canvas materials, inside, out and straps, it has pleated front and back sections, it has an internal hanging pocket and magnetic snap to close, but the best bit - it has four changeable flower brooches to decorate! Oh yes. Look:

One each of red, blue, yellow and pink so that your bag has a great chance of matching the outfit you are wearing, or you can match your outift or coat to the bag! They each have a brooch pin attached so you simply take off the former and add the one you wish.

A few details of the bag include these lovely little bits:

The internal pocket suitable for a small purse, your store cards or tissues and the magnetic snap; the detail in the pattern matching on the sides; the front pleats which are repeated on the back; the pleating that leads to a flat bottom base to give extra space for goodies yet has a beautifully rounded shape.

And as for sizing:

It is approximately 14" (35.5cm) across at the widest part of the base, 12" (30.5cm) tall and has 8 1/2" (21.5cm) handles. It fits really well over my shoulder and handles beautifully by myside too. Ohh, I can feel myself wanting to keep this more and more!

So, what do you think? I am just about to list it on Etsy, so if you want to get your hands on it, better do so quickly before I change my mind!

Thank you for reading,

(c) FMN Crafts 2014

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Bakewell Craft Fair

Afternoon all,

Just to let you know that tomorrow I will be exhibiting my hand made goodies at the Bakewell Town Hall Craft Fair, from around 10am - 4.30pm, so if you fancy a drive out to purchase some gorgeous items you don't usually find on the high street, do so! It promises to be a great fair. It's also Market Day, so the town will be buzzing. Go on, take a day off, get there early to park, stroll around the fair and the shops, have a nice pub lunch and drive on home when you feel like it... :) Sounds good to me!

Looking forward to seeing you there - make yourself known! And bring some cash ;)

Happy Sunday,

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Jeans and Shirt Bag and Matching Purse

Good afternoon all,

I just had to show you this:

Something I created in an afternoon, a Jeans and Shirt combo making a Bag and Matching Purse :)

These items of clothing were in my 'to use later' bag and I was looking through the bag when I thought of this creation. I think it turned out well!

I unstitched the base of the 'bottom' area of the jeans (if you know what I mean), shaped and re-stitched into the desired size, I cut the shirt into pieces and used the sleeves for the handles, the sleeve roll-up things for the decoration on the front, the body of the shirt for the lining and a piece of the body for the mini front pocket and lining of the purse.

This picture shows the bag interior with the small breast pockets which can still be used for small items:

This pictures shows the lining of the purse with matching red zip:

And this picture show the purse's mini front pocket that can be used!:

I was contemplating putting it on Etsy, but then I have a Craft Fair at Bakewell this Monday so I think I will take it there and see what happens...

Do you like it? It's amazing what you can do with a little imagination and some re-cycling skills :)

Thanks for looking, leave a comment if you like or share this.

(C) FMN Crafts 2014