Friday, 29 April 2016

Busy Busy and New Items

Hello all,

Wow, long time no blog! Guess what? I've been busy! As usual... Some of these items were out at my last fair, but that just shows you how long it's been since I blogged.

So without further ado, I'll show you some stuff. First up:

This is the next in line of my Upholstery Material Cushions, this one in a beautiful botanic style print, complete with matching piping (I love making piping now...), an envelope back and detail on the back to match the material on the front. This material is a mix of hemp and linen and it feels delightful, it measures 16" x 16" and will be going with me on Sunday to the next fair I'm at - details later. I have another one to show you but that's next time, as I haven't got the cushion form in it yet... I really like making these one off style throw cushions and the neutral colours mean they can be placed in many homes.

Next up:

The latest style of Mobile Case with Earphone Pocket. I bought these blue and white materials and thought they would look great on the mobile cases so these were born. This style of case (ones with pockets) have been selling well at the fairs as they are so attractive and useful. I think that's what people are looking for these days...

And the next:

These are my beautiful (yes, I do say so myself) Freehand Machine Embroidery Denim and Cotton Padded Glasses Cases. Oh yes. Each have a little flap to hold the glasses in with an elastic closure and each is lined with a complimentary cotton lining. The padding protects the glasses and they are big enough to hold bulky sunglasses too. Perfect for summer holidays then...

And the next:

I really love making these - Tissue Packs. Each is made using two beautiful different prints of cotton and there's a lovely peep of 'material number two' down the middle, where the opening is to get to the tissues. Mum and I went on a material shopping trip a couple of weeks ago and we found a shop I will be returning to no doubt! I spent quite a bit and some of the materials you see in these tissue packs are indeed brand new. I love material shopping. Is it possible to ever have too much?

Each pack contains 10 4ply tissues and are easily replaced once used. These make lovely gifts and when they sell at the fairs, I would say 80% are bought as gifts. One lady bought 4 last summer for Christmas presents...

These are next:

This scotty dog material is also new and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I have a feeling it may be good as purses and that's why I whipped these two little ones up. I also have it in blue. They are a great size, you can get loads of money plus store and credit cards in and there is a blue spotty interior with black ribbon pull on the zip. I think these will go well and of course I will be making more than just two!

And finally, just a few re-do's as these items always sell well:

Floral Classic Padded Glasses Case (click to enlarge)
Carrier Bag Keyrings - never be without a carrier bag again!
Roll Up Floral Shopping Bag, heavy duty, large size

Map Gift Bags, set of three, great fun!
Tea Cup Freehand Machine Embroidery Floral Throw Cushion. I love this!
Magnetic Washi-tape Pegs
Net Curtain Bunting. Yes, I know, but it's an experiment - I want to hear people's reactions. I think it's funky but we'll see.
So that's all! If you have managed to get through this whole blog - well done! And thank you. Please leave me a comment or even share this, I'd love to get a little more exposure about my creations and gain people's thoughts.

Oh, I almost forgot. On Sunday and Monday, 1st and 2nd May 2016 I will be exhibiting at Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire. They are holding a Dog Show outdoors and a Craft Fair indoors. Guess which one I'm exhibiting at?! Ha! In fact, no, scratch that... ;)

Bye for now.

(C) FMN Crafts 2016. 

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Just a Quick One...

Evening all,

Just had to share my excitement with you - you may have read in the last post that my items have gone into a shop in Beeston, well it was their opening day yesterday and it was a great success. I have just received and e.mail from the owner, Lucy, to say that some of my items sold - on day one! Well chuffed! I have now got to get making up the same stock again to re-stock during the week...

David and I popped in and the place was heaving. It had such a great atmpsphere and the items in there were beautiful. Nottingham has some very talented creators! The best part was that each designer's items are spread around the shop, so it's not a 'one-shelf-per-person' set up; hubby and I were Forget-Me-Not Crafts hunting! I had one item in the window display which looked fab and my cute little carrier bag keyrings were on the counter, the rest of my items were all over the shop. Brilliant.

The shop is called Two Little Magpies and is labelled as a Gift Shop and Studio. From what we could see amongst the hussle and bustle was many people already in the studio having a go at crafts of many kinds and at some points you could hardly get the the items. The buzz was wonderful and I wish them all the very best. This is their logo on Facebook:

Keep and eye on their page, I have a good feeling about this place...

Thanks for reading, have a happy week. :)