Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Sheet Music & Maps Gift Bags

Good afternoon,

I would like to share with you what I have just finished making...

These are gift bags I have made out of sheet music I bought from a recent fair. The books are really old and I just fell in love immediately. I have always wanted to make gift bags but never had paper or card big enough - here was my chance!

I have made them as sets of three so there's a variety for many sizes of gifts, they have red ribbon handles which I think gives a great pop of colour and I made a tag for each too. I used masking tape to hold them together as not only did the cream colour match perfectly, it adds to the rugged look and feel of the old sheet music. They fold down flat too.

They are all made of individual music pieces, mostly solo piano, but some in the books also have song. I labelled each packaging with the contents as you can see here, including the sizes of each bag as they do vary ever so slightly: 

I think they would be great to hold a gift for a music lover, but even if not, they would be great to hold any gift! Tell you what though, my fingers are REALLY sore from all the folding and pressing - it's good quality paper you know! I did use a ruler for definition, but they still hurt. Oh well, poor me, no pain no gain :)

I also just made this too:

This one is made from a really old map! The area is the Peak District in Derbyshire - my favourite place, so I couldn't resist buying the map. And even though the creases are really, well, creased, I think it adds to the character :)

Then I made this one:

This one is a newer map! And it is of connection to me in any way, just part of the map I found at the sale! 

I am off to Matlock Bath on Saturday for 7 days (yep, 7 days, wish me luck!) and I will be taking these bags with me. Hopefully I am sure they will sell, I think the Derbyshire map one will be a draw if nothing else and I will have made more by then too. I'd buy them!

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Monday, 7 October 2013


Good afternoon all,

Just wanted to show you my latest creation - nothing new in the world, but certainly new to me - my very own bunting:

This is for the front of my stall when I do Fairs. I have some paper bunting, but as you'd expect it is starting to deteriorate, so I thought I would make my own :)

I used pieces of my favourite materials, backed them for stability and durability and added to a 6 feet plus length of bias binding. I think they are really cute!

I couldn't take too many brilliant photos but I think you get the idea. I am inspired by it now to make more to sell - perhaps in really small scale so they can be added to the edges of shelves, or in 'normal' scale but in themes, like Christmas and Easter etc... I think this is another one of those 'the possibilities are endless' instances ;)

So look out for my bunting if you visit a fair! Thanks for reading, share if you like or Like me on Facebook.


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Friday, 4 October 2013

Latest Batch of Button Bracelets and more...

Evening all,

Firstly, I wanted to share my latest creations with you - it's been a busy week! Here are some new Button Bracelets:

Each has around 8-9 buttons, I used black and white waxed linen string (so the buttons don't slip around), I added beads to increase the cuteness and they measure between 6 1/2" to just over 8", so there should be a bracelet to suit all :)

I managed to get hold of some gold themed buttons and have made a couple of bracelets that could be described as 'bling'! They would look really good with a LBD for a special night out though... I also like the dark theme one with a pop of red in the middle. Mind you, I do like the neutrals though as they go with anything. Oh, the choice!

When I make them, I lay out the string and then just let my fingers wonder to find the buttons required. It's relaxing and almost therapeutic.

I plan to save these for my next fair as I only have five apart from these, but of course if you see one you would like, I can list it on Etsy for you with no problem at all. Guess how much they are? Just £1.99 each. Yep, you read it right!

Also, you know my Floral Diary Covers? Well I made some blue ones too, with check interior:

These Diaries and Diary Covers have proved popular with folk at fairs so far, so I put some on Etsy, you should take a look. They make great gifts for neighbours, teachers, friends and family members. The idea being that diaries are replaced each year so the owner always has a pretty addition to their handbag or work area. Lovely! And at only £3.99, it's hard to resist. :)

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Have a great weekend,

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

And so, in addition to the last couple of posts, I now have made these little beauties!...

In case you were wondering, they are my latest Christmas Gift Set which includes a Tissue Pack with 10 tissues, a Double Sided Purse which is big enough for cash and cards, and a 2014 Diary with Diary Cover.

All are in the Rose Floral range and all are complimentary to one another. For example, the Tissue Pack has the Rose Floral exterior with Blue Floral interior, the purse has one side of Rose Floral and the other is Blue Floral with plain green zip and plain cream interior, and the diary is Rose Floral exterior and plain pink interior, so they all work lovely together!

They make an ideal gift in that they are all items that are carried in hand bags and are used every day. They could also stay at home, so there are no restrictions. They are ideal for flower lovers, Cath Kidston fans as I use some of her material, and people who appreciate hand made items :) Do you know any one who fits into any of these categories?

I have made two sets so far, I will put one up on Etsy shortly and I hope to see you there...

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