Saturday, 24 August 2013

Mens Wallets and Unconventional Item...

Good evening all,

It's been a while since I last blogged. Do you have kids? Summer holidays? Need I say more..?

Anyway, I have still been designing and making up (in between sorting 'stuff') and I want to show you these:

I know that most of the items I make are predominantly for females and like the tin cans I made a while ago for men, I made these wallets too. My husband liked them straight away and that is why you will see 7, instead of 8! There is room for 4 cards (or more if you put two in each slot like in my purse!) and there is a large slot at the back for some notes. I made these purposely without any form of clasp, so that it will sit flat in the back pocket and not catch on the way in or out. I also made them using hard wearing upholstery material as I know they will be well used, and I lined them in black cotton. I really like them, what do you think?

I also have been working on something a little less conventional. This is a peg bag, but not as you know it...:

I call it an Peg Bucket! This developed from one of those 'we have a problem and need to find a solution' situations. My peg bag is the traditional coat anger style, that hangs side ways on the line, sometimes making it awkward to get to the pegs - and so I thought about it, and made this style where it opening facing you. :) Now, not only is it easier to get to the pegs, but also it clips on and off the line easily, it's sturdy and will hold many pegs, it can clip onto you laundry basket too if you wish and has a draw string closure to keep your pegs clean when not in use. Cool huh? Plus, it's pretty...

I have only made one of these so far, I'm going to wait and see what the reaction is tomorrow when I take it to the fair at Matlock Bath.

Anyway, that's all for now, have a great weekend.
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