Tuesday, 14 January 2014

And the next item is...

The second and third pictures from the previous blog show these little beauties:

They are cute, durable and attractive Children's Bags and will be in my Etsy Store very soon.

I mainly make items for adults but thought it to be quite unfair - so here we are! They may not be multi-talented or any thing to dazzle you by, but they are strong, wash-able and durable and I think those are the main ingredients needed for any item that is going to be owned by a child! Well, of course, you could have one yourself... ;)

The benefits of your child owning one of these bags include the facts that they have re-enforced corners and straps for durability and strength; they are fully lined; the owl print ones have a little button and loop for closing so larger objects wont fall out; they have handles that will fit over the child's shoulder or can be carried by the side; they are 100% cotton so they can be washed several times with no worries; AND they are in really fun materials :) What's not to love? They would be useful for carrying many things including books and pencil cases for school, an iPad to the car and back, or sweets and 'stuff' needed for a day out.

And at only £4.99 each, they are a great price for a hand made item that is made to last. Check them out in my Etsy store now and Add To Basket today.

Coming soon....:

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