Friday, 5 September 2014

Latest Items

Evening all,

Just a quick one to show you these two new items I finished today and have added to my Etsy Store; firstly these Cute Cupcake Coasters:

Yes, I know you have seen coasters not so long ago, but these have different base colours and these have solid colour backs, meaning they are predominantly made to be cupcake side up, but they can still be turned over to show pink, yellow and blue back grounds. Cute, yes?

And the next, remember the padded phone case I made before? This is the next style:

Teehee! This mummy blackbird is looking after her blackbird chicks, high up in the tree tops! Cute. Well I think so anyway... I simply love making these, I love the childlike naivity to them. They are quality made and take quite some time but they have a look that says 'put together in a flash'. This is just about to go in my Etsy Store along with this one:

This one just makes me want to take a strole up that lane and see where it take me...yep, that's the romantic in me ;)

Anyway, thanks for reading, please pop over to my shop or give me a Like on Facebook, or even leave me a comment! Could do with some. 

Have a great weekend.

(C) FMN Crafts 2014

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