Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Freehand Machine Embroidery Mobile 'Phone Case

Good afternoon all,

This will be my last blog for 2014 and I would like to show you what I have just finished:

A freehand machine embroidery mobile 'phone case.

This fits my 'phone which is a Sony Xperia, it measures 5" tall by 2 1/2" wide and it fits well into the case. There is still some play width ways and a tiny bit lengthways, so I am sure it'd fit quite a few different mobile models. Of course, if there is a specific 'phone case you would like making, you can contact me and I'll do my very best!

This case has double interfacing and double padding to give stability and protectiveness to the mobile enclosed, it has a cotton lining for smooth use, an elastic closing and the best part - it's decorated using my favourite method... Do you like it?


See it in my Etsy store soon.

Thanks for reading, pass it on if you like or leave a comment. See you next year!


(C) FMN Crafts 2014

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