Sunday, 3 March 2013

Wollaton Park Community Hall Fair

Evening all,

Today I want to share with you a few pictures from the craft and gift fair I attended today in my home town of Nottingham. In fact, the fair was so close to where I live, I could have walked there had it not been for the amount of stock I needed to take. It was an OK day, I made some sales, I got a lot of interest and my name is out there even more. Oh, and I made some new friends, so all is good. :)

The pics:
My Craft Stall at the start of the day

One end showing a lot of toiletry bags, totes, purses and chalk boards

The other end showing cross-stitches, necklaces and hand made cards etc

My mini cross-stitch initials and signs of the Zodiac

My Mother's Day Specials! Beautiful rose tins full of goodies she'll love

My hand made cards, only £2 each!

A good view of the bags

And a good view of the hall during set up
When I first got there, there were one or two stall holders already setting up, so I got stuck in and found I was about the last to be ready. Then, at the end of the fair, I was the last to leave! Did they just scoop their items into bags?!

The stall was made of two different sized tables so I had to change my stall around to how I planned, but I think it still looked lovely. I made some sales that I was surprised and pleased at, so more of them to make to re-stock and it's onto the next fair! Thanks to all those who came, thanks to the organisers of this fair and thanks for reading this blog. Please leave a comment if you wish, I'd love to hear from you and share if you wish too.

Thank you, I'm off to bed - cream crackered!

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