Sunday, 24 February 2013

'Random' Purses

Good afternoon all,

For the last couple of days I have been making these - I have called them random purses as well, what else could I call them? Purses-with-things-added-to-them? Purses-that-I-made-using-some-fancy-bits-and-pieces? Nah. I don't fink so... ;)

So, here they are:

The yellow fringe was the first one I made. I used a really thick plain white exterior so that items I used to decorate would stand out and then went through my accessories stash to find goodies to decorate with. That was the fun part! I just thought 'right, go for it' and did. My favourite part of the first one is the fringing, very tactile and free, and my favorite of the red one is the dangley (is that a word?) beads and pom-pom swinging on the front. Cute :D

It was quite difficult sewing over the zip ends on these purses as the white material is so thick so I needed to hand finish a little, which added to the time to make them, but also added to the hand made feel. :) I know there will be MANY more to come as the world really is my oyster with a project like this - there are no limits.

What do you think? Do you like them? The fair next weekend is not going to know what hit it! (She says in a confident but hopefully not cocky way). If of course you like one so much and do not want to see them go to anyone else, contact me! I am not putting them on Etsy until after Sunday so if you are reading this, you have first choice! Get in contact, they will be £8 plus the postage as listed on Etsy.

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Have a happy week, share if you like.

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