Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Is It Lunch Time Yet?

Hello all,

Do you ever get the feeling you just neeeeeeed to make something? Well obviously I do because this is my business, but I mean for yourself? I did the other day and ended up making these:

Lunch Bags. :)

In really pretty, yet strong materials.

Whenever I go to a fair (for example), I usually shove all my food into a plastic box which goes into a canvas bag of somesort and it ends up falling all over the place and getting squashed and blah de blah, so I wanted to make one of these to keep my lunch safe and secure. This lunch bag is big enough to get lots in, yet not too big that you end up filling it with sugary treats! Don't get me wrong - you need your energy at fairs, but you know what I mean...

The floral exterior and the red rim have been interfaced to enhance the strength and durability of the bag, the base is flat so it stands easily, the drawstring cover is large to come up high above the rim of the bag to give lots of room and make access easy, the handles are also interfaced for strength and to help them stand up, the interior is wipeable green and spotty laminated cotton (great for any spills) and the whole bag just looks so pretty that anyone would be proud to walk down the street with it. I love them! So I made one for me. And one for you...

Of course, it doesn't shout 'Lunch Bag' so you could use this bag for whatever you like.

Please go to my Etsy store now to purchase one, they are only £14.99. Hand made dude! :)

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See you soon,

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