Thursday, 8 May 2014

More Notice Notice!

Evening all,

Just wanted to let you all see my new notice boards, to add to my collection. First up, we have the blast of pink in this pin board and pocket board mix:

You will 'notice' it has quite a few elements to it: The cork board is covered in a lovely pink cotton material with ribbon trimming, there is a hanging line of crochet with cute mini pegs to clips things to and there is a really handy pocket at the base to slot Chinese restaurant menus and bus time tables etc in to. The back is covered in well and finished off, and the board comes complete with a 'choose how you wish to hang' pack, comprising of one flat-to-the-wall metal fitting with two screws and a wall screw, plus a length of fishing wire and screw-into-the-frame hooks, so you can choose! I love the materials used for this board as they add dimension to the usual, boring old pin board and it would fit into many places of a home or office.

Secondly, I would like to introduce to you to my Chalk Board and Padded Card Slot Notice Boards:

This one is my Cloud Board, which has beautiful clouds and flowers material at the base for cards, with red striped ribbon and green buttons. The top half is a chalk board and both sections sit in a cream painted frame, divided in two by a very useful chalk holder. This item also comes with a 'how-to-hang' pack and chalks. :) I have also made this one:

A Peach and Gold Board which has wonderfully classy material for the card holder, a chalk board top half, a cream coloured wood frame and very handy chalk slot yet again. This too comes with a 'how-to-hang' pack and chalks.

I enjoyed making all of these boards and I know there will be more designs to come. I took the padded boards (mentioned in my previous post) out at the fair in Matlock Bath last weekend and the lighter one sold almost straight away, so I was really please. I really think they will grace any room in the home or office etc so I have every faith they will appeal to the masses. What do you think?

They will be in my Etsy shop soon, but in the meantime, if you have any questions please ask. :)

Coming soon:

Watch this space...

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Thanks for reading, good night.

p.s. It's our 9th Wedding Anniversary today and we visited our wedding venue, the beautiful Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire. We reminisced over the events of the day (as well as the run up to!) and all the wonderful people who shared our special day...thanks to all. Here's to the next 9 years and well beyond!


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