Sunday, 22 June 2014

Finger Puppets for Children

Evening all,

I want to share with you a little project I have been working on; Finger Puppets:

I have wanted to make some for a while and finally managed to do it. But these are a little different in that they are kits for children to have a go at making. But first, let me tell you about them.

This is Paula Pig:

Paula is very cheeky and loves to roll about in mud to keep her skin soft

This is Eric Elephant:

Eric is very funny and he loves to splash around in water

This is Crystal Cat:

Crystal is a glamor-puss and loves cream

This is Derek Dog:

Derek is friendly with everyone and loves to run and run

Cute or what? The kits come complete with all the components needed to make the relevent finger puppet including felt body pieces, noses, googly eyes, ears, mouths, threads etc along with a simple instruction leaftlet that I compiled for each one. All that is needed is an embroidery needle, some PVA glue, some safety scissors and a grown-up's help (where needed). They really are fun and will keep your little ones occupied for quite a while.

This is the pack and instructions for Paula Pig

What do you think? They will be available in my Etsy Store soon. I am exhibiting at Baslow Village Hall this coming weekend so I will take them there, and see how they go!

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