Tuesday, 3 June 2014

An Order of Bunting

Hello all,

Just a quick post to tell you about an order that was placed while I was at Matlock Bath in Derbyshire last week, for this bunting:

A lady saw mine pinned and hanging in front of my table cloth on the stall and then saw my Green & White Shopping Bags and asked if I could make some in that material. Of course I jumped at it! I love to do things slightly different and I welcomed the order. She had a few requirements that were different to that advertised and that made for a challenge. Love a challenge!

So this bunting is double sided as it will be hung in a window, it is double interfaced for durability, stability and less see-through-ness (I know), it makes up to the required 85", it has 1" gaps between each flag, it is sewn and then zig-zag edged and finally, it is bound using the same material.

It sounds so simple, and really, it was in terms of practice, it just takes some time and a lot of care, that's all. BUT I love doing it! So it makes it all ok.

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Oh, and a little teaser of my other latest project:

This is to come in the next blog...stay tuned.


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