Tuesday, 8 September 2015

New Items

Evening all,

I have a few new creations to show you, so first up:

I still don't exactly know what to call these...I'm thinking 'Creatures' or 'Wonkies' or something else tacky so do you have any idea? I blogged about the one on the right last time and next to it is my next in line. Please see the previous blog for more details.I think they're great!

Next up:

This is my new design of shopper/tote bag, named the Large Linen and Vintage Materials Shopper/Tote Bag (funnily enough). The upper material was gifted to me by a friend and is so lovely in texture and colouring that it just screamed 'bag' to me! I teamed it with modern heavy weight navy linen and matching shoulder straps and used the upper material to make several integral internal pockets and a hanging mobile pocket too.

It has a large flat base so it gives a roomy internal section for all your shopping or goodies and on the above photo, you can see the different styles of pockets. And, this bag also is big enough to take a soft cover A4 folder so it could be used as a student bag. :)

I really like this bag! Do you?

And finally for this evening:

These are two really cute Hand Sewn Patchwork Coin Purses. I have been making quite a few hexxies recently and thought how nice it would be to make them in to a purse, so I hand made quite a lot, joined them and made fronts and backs, and made these padded, covered zip ends coin purse, which I am really pleased with!


If these don't sell at the next fair, I am DEFINITELY keeping at least one, I simply adore them.

That's all for now, thank you for reading and let me know what you think please :) And don't forget I have a Facebook page if you want to view it or Like it. Thanks.


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