Tuesday, 1 September 2015

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Hello all, long time no blog...hope you're all well.

It has been a busy summer - mainly working in the garden with renovations - but I have still been making and doing craft fairs. Here are a few of my latest items for you to view:

A lady ordered this through my Etsy site, she rescues Warren Chickens and wanted an iPhone 6 case that represents this, so I came up with this. As I don't have an iPhone 6, I looked up the measurements and made a dummy phone from card so I know it'll fit - as I do for all orders of mobile cases. What do you think? Well, in actual fact I made this one first:

Which is also very cute I think! But I damaged the zip right in the last stages of making (grr) so I had to start again. As I spend so long on the design and making detail, I needed to make a new design as I just couldn't spend another 2 days on the same one!

Theses cases, like all of the ones I make are padded to protect the phones, they have white canvas interiors and a pop of colour in the zips. Even though these are made to measure for mobiles, they could also be purses or pouches. Don't you just love the details? Click on the photos for larger sizes.

While I was at it, I made this one for my craft stall, in a design that my husband came up with. What do you think to this?

This is also an iPhone 6 case (as I know many people have iPhones now) and I just love the colours in this. Again, it took just about 2 days to make but I really, REALLY like them! Plus, it fits well with this being the 70th year since World War 2 ended.

Next up:

This is the second in the line of Vintage Materials and Doilies Sling Bags that I have designed and made, which sold the first time I put them out at a fair! The materials are so good and I simply love the doilies, which come from numerous charity shops. I make the straps 60" long so that they can be knotted into any position the owner likes, i.e. cross the body or as a shoulder bag of various lengths, I line them, add magnetic snaps to close and include two large internal pockets. So, not only do they look cute, they're practical! And, as they both sold the first time they were put out, I have to take that as a sign, I will make more...

Here is an order that was placed by a lovely lady at my fair yesterday in Bakewell:

She was looking at my Flat Based Make Up Bags and the Tissue Packs and really liked them, but she wanted them in matching materials and the bag to have an oilcloth lining, or at least wipe-out-able (new word). So she chose the materials, placed the order and I got cracking today. I am very pleased with how thay have turned out and I have made matching sets before - time to make more me thinks... These are packed up nicely and are ready to be posted in the morning. Isn't the material just great?! So funky.

And finally for today:

Well, it's called Creature (until I think of a better name, answers on a post card please) and he/she (?) happened quite late at night. Not that I couldn't see and that's why it came out wonkey - that was intentional! It's just that sometimes things come to mind and I simply have to go and make it right away. Look at 'it's' eyes! So cute and curious. My friend Jayne, who makes fantastic cards, said they would make cute items for small children or even babies to hold, so I could make them child friendly and promote as this... What I am going to do though is make a set or a family and see where the creativity takes me, so watch this space!

Ok, that's all for today, I'll try not to leave it too long before I blog again but in the meantime, take care and thanks for reading. If you like, please leave a comment or visit my Facebook page.


P.S. I have just started knitting... hehe. :)

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