Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Chatsworth House and More

Good afternoon folks,

As promised in my last blog, I have made the 'made to order' order of Chatsworth House in Freehand Machine Embroidery and it has been packed very carefully and posted off on it's 16 hours flight to Birmingham, AL, USA :)

Here is it:

Click to Enlarge

It took what seemed like FOREVER to make, as I guess you'd expect (!) yet I loved every single minute of it. It has multiple layers giving a slight 3D effect, and made using subtle colours so that the main 'bit' pops - namely the house itself (complete with gold window frames!) It is in a 20cm x 30cm white frame and can stand or be hung. I hope my client loves it as much as I do.

The windows were fun to do

Here's a little shot of the making-of process:

Looks quite simple really...

The funny thing about this was that the evening I had finished it, and flopped on the sofa with a well earned cuppa, a program came on the TV about Chatsworth House and I had to turn it off - I couldn't look at the house any more! I had been 'Chatsworthed' out... ;)

And sew, sorry so onto my other items:

These are my latest design of Freehand Machine Embroidery iPad Air and iPad Air 2 cases, but this time, I have added a little pocket on the back to hold earphones.

I have a Kindle case and it has no pocket, so my earphones get stuffed in the pouch with the Kindle and it's not very good. At least with these cases, there's no chance of scratching or marking your devise.

They all have pretty interiors too. At my last fair I discovered that people will buy tablet cases for other devises and tablets even if they are a little too big - so that's an advantage I guess.

Next up:

Another batch of my Carrier Bag Key Rings after the last load went to quickly. The resounding noise was "oooh!" at the last fair when people discovered what they were. However one lady said they must contain very small carrier bags, but I showed her they are in fact full sized carrier bags, just flattened, folded and rolled. I still think they are brilliant! You always have your keys so you always have a bag. Simples.

And next:

Yep, another Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop in Freehand Machine Embroidery, ready for my stall at the my next fair. This is piece number 4 and while ever there is a demand for them, I will keep on making! I simply love these and while they take a long time to make, I enjoy doing so.

The penultimate for today:

Another re-do due to good sales and popularity - these are Rice and Lavender filled Hand Warmers. They are an ideal item for this time of the year and they smell delicious. As well as the rice, they contained French Lavender Heads, from Provence no less. My work room smells heavenly when I am making these... You just pop them in the microwave and then you have cold hands (or ears!) no more. Lovely.


I showed you one of these last blog and so now I have made a few more, here they are. These are really fun and cute and yet are practical at the same time. I have several other styles lined up for these so watch this space.

So that's all for today, what do you think? Please let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts and share this blog if you like.

Thanks for reading,

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