Saturday, 13 February 2016

Cushions and a Fair

Good afternoon all, I hope your weekend is going well so far...

Just want to show you these two cushions I have been working on over the last few days. Firstly:

This is a fabulous (if I do say so myself) Flower Vase Throw Cushion. It is based on a cream cotton material with envelope back and then I made the flowers in three different style, using a variety of materials and methods including hand and machine stitching.

It is a rather tactile cushion that I think would look great in many areas of the home, albeit a bed, chair or otherwise. It's pretty, it's attractive, it's a talking piece and it's a one-off. Sure, I could make another one, but no two would be the same, making it a unique hand made item.

The other one is this:

Although the photo is a little pale (poor lighting that day) I hope you can see this is my Vintage Doilies and Lace Throw Cushion. It has the same base as the one above and then I decorated it with a mixture of cream and white doilies, lace, cotton, ribbon and a vintage gold button. The doilies actually came from a rather cute shop in Bakewell and I knew I had to so something fun with them. You may remember I have made various bags with doilies before but this is the first cushion.

Click to enlarge

I enjoyed making this cushion and although it was fiddly, I think it looks fabulous. The doilies are so cute and I think they should be on show more than just as a base to an ornament! In this guise, they are. And yet again, it would grace any chair, chaise lounge or bed spread. This is most definitely a one off unique item as I have only a few other doilies in my store.

So what do you think?

I am not putting them in my Etsy shop as I have a fair on Monday that I want to take them to.

Speaking of, it is at the Bakewell Town Hall and this fair is being run for the Goboka Rwanda Trust by means of a Cafe and and Craft Fair. It is always a good event, usually there are around six quality stalls selling fabulous local photography, textiles and sewn items of many forms, my husband often has his RNLI charity stall selling quality vintage and antique items, there are hand made cards and children's items, hand made jewellery, there is a stall selling African coffee and other items and more, plus the Rwanda charity sells items made by the children of Rwanda to raise funds for their communities. The cafe is great offering a welcome rest from exploring the town and market, with refreshments at very reasonable prices. I can personally recommend the chocolate cake!

Doors open around 10am until around 3.30pm when the market in the town closes. Please pop along if you can.

Thanks for reading, share or comment if you like and have a lovely Valentine's Day tomorrow. <3


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