Friday, 11 March 2016

Five New Items

Good evening all,

It's been quite some time sinse my last blog, sorry about that, but I have been busy! First thing I want to show you is this:

Now, before you think you've seen this before - you haven't. Well, sort of not... I made this is a smaller size, the same as my Old Bakewell Pudding Shop, but this is a whopper. This is in a frame 16.5" x 13".

For this one, I based it on the first one but I had to scale it up. There are so many windows and so many panes on this thing that as you can imagine, it took quite a long time to make! In fact it was just under a week from start to finish. I used the freehand machine embroidery method and each piece is interfaced and sewn on. I like the way there is a small 3D effect by the layering (the photo's do nothing to enhance this).

I really love it, what do you think? I plan to take this to my next craft fair and hope it will cause a bit of a stir...

Next up:


The second of my Vinatge Doilies Throw Cushion. I sold the first one the first time it went out at a craft fair, actually to another stall holder and as I had some more, I made another. These doilies are just so nice, it's a shame they are not showcased better, well, now they are. I added lace, calico and a golden button and made it an envelope back. I am sure this can easily fit into many areas of someone's home. It measures 16" x 16".

And the next:

These are Mobile 'Phone Cases with Earphone Pockets. I have made these recently in different materials and using a freehand machine embroidery decoration, but I simply love this butterfly material and thought it would work well on denim. It does! Each case has a different button and elastic to close, making each case unique and each have a different colour pocket and spotty cotton interior. They are fully padded using fleece so mobile 'phones will be safe (and warm?!) whilst inside. With it being an elastic closure, it will keep the mobile safe but is quick and easy to open if it's ringing.

These fit my mobile which is a Sony Xperia but I make them to order too, to fit any size mobile. They can also be used as a glasses holder! Look:



These are really cute little pieces of art work using mixed media. I have combined fabrics, laces, crochet, beading, buttons, felt and embroidery to make these unique pieces and I am sure they would bring a smile to any room. I simply loved creating these as things look so random! (They're not by the way...) It gave me a chance to add a little bit more freedom and creativity to my work and my work room looked a complete mess! I loved it! Usually I am so disciplined and strict with myself, you will never find a piece out of place in my work room, sometimes I feel I am a neat freak and it can become annoying. To myself! But in this case, oh boy, I had an area about a foot square to sew in... I couldn't be neat with these and that was just fine with me. :)


They are set in 8" frames and can stand or hang. I have left the glass out of the front as I think they are quite tactile and need this, however the glass is inside the backing so it can be used for protection if so desired - the individuals choice.

I am sure there will be more of these to come.

And finally for today:

These are a selection of Cord Keepers. You know how earphones get so snarled up and messy? Well now there is no need with these little beauties.


I used small pieces of material, I interfaced them for stability and durability and used good old Velcro as the closure method. You simply roll up your earphones over your fingers, pop it in the cord keeper, roll the material over and secure. Then just chuck them in your bag and get on with your class, your conversation, your meal or whatever and when it's time to go, you know your earphones will be neat and tidy. Simple!

Well that's all for now, thank you for reading, please leave a comment if you wish.


(C) FMN Crafts 2016.

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