Friday, 26 October 2012

Patchwork Wrist Go Bags

Hi all,

I have been bust making an order for a neighbour recently and I just wanted to share the items made with you here… She wanted three little bags for her nieces for Christmas, where they didn’t need a whole bag of ‘stuff’ to take with them on their daily trip to the shop or newsagent, just a little bag for their keys, their mobile, their cash and maybe a debit card or something…so, I thought about it and came up with a 'patchwork wrist go bag’. What do you think?

I made them quite padded, so if they were dropped it wouldn’t damage a mobile or iPod inside; I made three different sized internal pockets for cards or tissues and a lip-balm and then made a generous wrist strap to hold. I also added a little loop for if they want to connect their keys to the outside for even more quick and easiness. I thought about adding an outside pocket too, but I thought that may be a bit much! I really liked doing the patchwork, although it takes a long time, but I think it is worth it. :)

Here they are packaged and ready to be passed over the fence...

I am going to make some more of these, now I have made the pattern, so look out for them soon in my Etsy store! I think I will make some of a smaller size too, maybe without the key tag or something...I'll see! Of course if you have any ideas, please feel free to tell me...

Thank you for reading, comment if you like, have a nice day. :) Julie.
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  1. This is my favourite piece! It looks so practical and i love the different patchwork fabrics- definitely getting myself one of these as soon as!