Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Bad Back :(

Hey people...

So you know how I mentioned a while ago about having back problems? Well yeah, I have back problems. I went to my GP, she said yah-de-yah it's mechanical and it's the way I've been positioned. She said to have physio, if I want, take paracetamol, if I want and exercise. If I want. So, since then, as far as making stuff is concerned, I've done diddly-squat. My new all-singing-all-dancing stool has been relegated to the old desk (I think it played a part), my sofa is out of bounds as it's too soft and I have been alternating between lying down, sitting awkwardly and walking around. Pants. I am unable to remain still for longer than 3 minutes at a time and I am thoroughly cheesed off. >:[

However, I have been 'pinning' a lot recently (only thing I can do) on Pinterest, perhaps you can take a look when you get a min and I have 1 follower! Woop. Life is worth living after all...

Happy shopping. :)

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