Sunday, 25 November 2012

Chalk Board Coasters & Frames

Good afternoon all,

I have been working on these items recently and now that they are finished, I can share them with you. They are listed now on my Etsy store if you would like to take a closer look here.

This is my first Chalk Board Notice Board:
 This is my Cupcake design Chalk Board:
Both of theses were real fun to make, even though the chalk board paint took ages to dry! Patience is the virtue though and I really enjoyed designing and making the frames.

I also made these chalk board coasters:
I made these because it can be a little confusing sometimes to know whose drink is whose and so I thought well, lets chalk board the coasters. I am of the mind that whenever there's a problem, there is more than likely a solution...this is a solution to an old age problem!

I know there will be more to come soon, so check back again please and if you'd like to make a comment, please do! I'd love your feedback.

Take care, Julie.

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