Monday, 14 January 2013

Is it still "Happy New Year"?

Happy New Year All! I think...

See, how long is it supposed to go on...? Saying Happy New Year I mean.

Anyway, I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Year celebrations - if indeed you can remember that far back. Getting back to school and work seems to come so quick, doesn't it?

Our Christmas was nice and quiet, needed I think, but I can tell you I was happy to get back into making things. I am sure I should be moaning about getting back to work, but I struggle to see it as work, I use the title lightly as I enjoy what I do so much. It's such a difference from my old style of working life...

So when I got back to work my husband and I (sounds Royal) decided to sort out the workshop. Not too much, but just enough that it resembled a workshop again, and not a store room with a 2' square working space. We cleared all the surfaces, we stacked and stored and bought a 10' long work top that fits great under the window. Now, when I am machining for example, I can get a mini conveyer belt system going, with pieces of material here and there at different levels of construction. It is great. Dave's space is also much more organised and he can do the same thing for making his Miniatures.

I have started to make some items that I think customers are really looking for these days (perhaps you can comment here), for example shopping bags and laptop/tablet/kindle cases. Pictures to come soon. I made a laptop case for myself - I needed one - case in point - and thought okidoki, I will make some more. I have some great fabrics for these too, so watch this space.

I have also made some desk tidies, as in pen and pencil holders, and I really like those - again, pictures coming soon so watch this space some more!

Anyway, I hope to build enough stock to do a craft fair soon and am scouting as we speak. I have sold some items on my Etsy shop, at a church fair and to neighbours, so I am ever hopeful of doing well.

Have a great day, speak soon,
p.s. It's snowing like crazy here, 3 inches already and more to come :)

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