Thursday, 4 April 2013

Button Bracelets and Veg Half Apron...

Good evening all,

Today I have been working on these:

And this:

Yep, TOTALLY different projects!

Firstly, the button bracelets. I had made quite a few before but I sold out (all but one) at the fair on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at The Matlock Bath Craft & Gift Fair and so I made some more. There's only 6 complete at the moment until I get some more buttons! There was actually a lady who visited my stall on Sunday who said she had a lot of buttons she didn't need anymore and asked if I would like them - the words 'snap her hand off' came to mind! She took a card and said she'd contact me - I hope she follows through...

Secondly, the half apron in vegetable print. The idea came to me whilst making the button bracelets. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. I have had the material, made by Charlotte Ramel for Ikea for ages and only ever thought about making vegetable bags with it. But, as they prefer thicker and darker bags I thought it wouldn't do, so it sat on the shelf. But today - boom - it just came to me. I quickly got my pad out, sketched and measured and planned and sewed and it was done. It's finished size is 20" at the top, 22" at the bottom and 19" long and I think it's really cute! Every home should have a pinny and I think this would bring a smile to any cake making session. :)

Anyway, just going to pop them on Etsy so thanks for reading and see you soon.
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