Sunday, 21 April 2013


Good afternoon all,

Remember the scrunchies from the 90's? They're back! OK, so they've been back for a while but hey, don't blame me for living under a rock!

So, moving on, I made these:

Now, I am not afraid to admit that my brain doesn't always help me sometimes. By this I mean I have to think really hard on how to make stuff sometimes and these little piglets gave me a bit of jip. They look so easy, don't they? Don't they?! But oh no, not to me... I must have spent a good three-four hours trying to work it out how to get clean, inside machined joints, with little or no hand sewing to finish and have the elastic 'free flowing' (not sewn to the material anywhere) and completely circular inside and boy, when I worked it out, I could have cried! :) I made about 6 in experimental stages that have all gone into my 'ugly fruits' box, until I made them that are professional and strong to use. Phew.

Red Dotty

Multi Coloured Spotty

Pale Pink

I have made 7 different kinds so far and they fit my hair which is super super thick and my God-daughter's that I am sure she won't mind me saying, is super thin. So, one size fits all is what I am saying.

I am about to list them on Etsy and they will be just £1.99 a piece. Yet another bargain me thinks! Would you like one?

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