Friday, 26 April 2013

Fun and Cute Key Rings!

Evening all,

For the last couple of days I have been working on these:

Firstly, little square key rings with butterflies and hearts.

They measure 1.5" square and are really cute little gifts :) I think key rings are an item that people will always have and I wanted to make really small ones that were pretty, attractive and easy to spot in a bag. That's where these came from!

Secondly, I have made these key handles:

I really like these and thought they would make a pretty yet practical addition to your keys. Again, after a little thought I developed them to make your keys an easy 'Grab and Go'!

And thirdly, I made these £1 coin holders:

These actually developed when I was designing the little square key rings; I thought they were just about the right size, but they were actually too big - these little cuties are only just over an inch square and fit a £1 coin nice and snug, perfect for your shopping trolley! You may be able to see from the picture below how you store the coin and I have made the tabs just a little longer than the other ones, so that the coin can be maneuvered easily. :) You need never scrabble about in your purse again for a £1 as the key ring will be attached to your keys.

I have another craft and gift fair coming up at Matlock Bath and these are the kinds of things that I think will sell. Hopefully anyway. I have be trying to design and make items that are £5 and under, as most people will have at least a fiver with them on a day trip...

So that's all for now, i hope you have had a good week and I'll be back soon. Like me on Facebook if you get a sec or leave a comment here, I'd love to get some feedback.


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