Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Dare I say the word 'Christmas' yet?

Hello all,

Hmm, if you are anything like me, I would not be amused while we are still in September...but I'm in business, so it's actually mentioned in June :) Lucky me :D

Anyway, my point is, I have just started to put together Christmas Gift Sets. Here are the first two sets:

The Presentation Packs

These are my beautiful Rose Shopping Bags teamed with matching Rose Coin Purses.

I simply love this material and I think it is so versatile in it's uses. These shopping bags are always good sellers at my craft fairs as stand alone items, but to have them paired with delighful matching purses, just makes shopping day that little bit nicer.

These have been put together with Christmas Gifts in mind, but of course they are ideal as gifts for any occasion. 

The Rose Shopping Bag and Rose Coin Purse together

They come neatly folded, carded for stability, wrapped and beautifully presented. The tags are on ready for use and each pack will have a different, but complimentary to the theme tag.

The Rose Coin Purse holds money and cards

The Rose Shopping Bag folds up to be the same size as the Rose Coin Purse for ease of transport

What do you think? Do you have that special person in mind that would appreciate a hand made gift like this? I know I would LOVE to receive a set...

So, for the next however long it takes, I will be making and collaborating sets including place mats & coasters, aprons & oven gloves, pin cushions & scissors cases, make-up bags & make-up brushes holders, bookmarks & glasses cases and...the list goes on. Check back regularly for updates.

If you want to comment or have any questions, just get in touch. If you would like to 'Like' me on Facebook, please do! Thank you for reading.


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