Monday, 2 September 2013

Recent Fairs and New Makes

Hi all,

Hoping you are all well. I am currently recovering from a stint of fairs, 7 days in a row, at Matlock Bath and Bakewell in the beautiful county of Derbyshire.

As mentioned in the previous post, I stood for the week at Matlock Bath and I had a great time. The stall holders around me were lovely and we had a few laughs, and the customers were friendly and interested in my products. I sold quite a few things throughout the week, so much so that I was a little worried I wouldn't have enough stock left for the Saturday fair in Bakewell!

So onto Bakewell - that was a really good fair too, organised by Dawn of Craftwise and it has a lovely atmosphere. I sold quite a few things and made some great new contacts too, so all is good :)

I think I drove around 360 miles during those 7 days, to and fro' the fairs, so that as well as standing throughout the days resulted in a long stay in bed afterwards! Lovely.

But, I was back in the workshop today - I have a list of things to re-make now and there's no time like the present!

So, today I have been making shopping bags. I decided to take a few photos along the way just so you can see a little bit of an inside view. This is the rose and cream one:

And this is a new music material one:

A little less pictures, but the same principles used. 

I really like these bags, they are so versatile and hard wearing and as they are 100% cotton, they can be put in the washing machine as many times as you like.

I will be putting them on my Etsy shop soon, so please take a look. 

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