Friday, 4 October 2013

Latest Batch of Button Bracelets and more...

Evening all,

Firstly, I wanted to share my latest creations with you - it's been a busy week! Here are some new Button Bracelets:

Each has around 8-9 buttons, I used black and white waxed linen string (so the buttons don't slip around), I added beads to increase the cuteness and they measure between 6 1/2" to just over 8", so there should be a bracelet to suit all :)

I managed to get hold of some gold themed buttons and have made a couple of bracelets that could be described as 'bling'! They would look really good with a LBD for a special night out though... I also like the dark theme one with a pop of red in the middle. Mind you, I do like the neutrals though as they go with anything. Oh, the choice!

When I make them, I lay out the string and then just let my fingers wonder to find the buttons required. It's relaxing and almost therapeutic.

I plan to save these for my next fair as I only have five apart from these, but of course if you see one you would like, I can list it on Etsy for you with no problem at all. Guess how much they are? Just £1.99 each. Yep, you read it right!

Also, you know my Floral Diary Covers? Well I made some blue ones too, with check interior:

These Diaries and Diary Covers have proved popular with folk at fairs so far, so I put some on Etsy, you should take a look. They make great gifts for neighbours, teachers, friends and family members. The idea being that diaries are replaced each year so the owner always has a pretty addition to their handbag or work area. Lovely! And at only £3.99, it's hard to resist. :)

Thanks for reading, please share this if you like, Like me on Facebook or leave a comment. I had a comment earlier in the week and I was really pleased! (Hint hint...)

Have a great weekend,

(C) FMN Crafts 2013.

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