Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Sheet Music & Maps Gift Bags

Good afternoon,

I would like to share with you what I have just finished making...

These are gift bags I have made out of sheet music I bought from a recent fair. The books are really old and I just fell in love immediately. I have always wanted to make gift bags but never had paper or card big enough - here was my chance!

I have made them as sets of three so there's a variety for many sizes of gifts, they have red ribbon handles which I think gives a great pop of colour and I made a tag for each too. I used masking tape to hold them together as not only did the cream colour match perfectly, it adds to the rugged look and feel of the old sheet music. They fold down flat too.

They are all made of individual music pieces, mostly solo piano, but some in the books also have song. I labelled each packaging with the contents as you can see here, including the sizes of each bag as they do vary ever so slightly: 

I think they would be great to hold a gift for a music lover, but even if not, they would be great to hold any gift! Tell you what though, my fingers are REALLY sore from all the folding and pressing - it's good quality paper you know! I did use a ruler for definition, but they still hurt. Oh well, poor me, no pain no gain :)

I also just made this too:

This one is made from a really old map! The area is the Peak District in Derbyshire - my favourite place, so I couldn't resist buying the map. And even though the creases are really, well, creased, I think it adds to the character :)

Then I made this one:

This one is a newer map! And it is of connection to me in any way, just part of the map I found at the sale! 

I am off to Matlock Bath on Saturday for 7 days (yep, 7 days, wish me luck!) and I will be taking these bags with me. Hopefully I am sure they will sell, I think the Derbyshire map one will be a draw if nothing else and I will have made more by then too. I'd buy them!

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