Monday, 7 October 2013


Good afternoon all,

Just wanted to show you my latest creation - nothing new in the world, but certainly new to me - my very own bunting:

This is for the front of my stall when I do Fairs. I have some paper bunting, but as you'd expect it is starting to deteriorate, so I thought I would make my own :)

I used pieces of my favourite materials, backed them for stability and durability and added to a 6 feet plus length of bias binding. I think they are really cute!

I couldn't take too many brilliant photos but I think you get the idea. I am inspired by it now to make more to sell - perhaps in really small scale so they can be added to the edges of shelves, or in 'normal' scale but in themes, like Christmas and Easter etc... I think this is another one of those 'the possibilities are endless' instances ;)

So look out for my bunting if you visit a fair! Thanks for reading, share if you like or Like me on Facebook.


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