Monday, 3 November 2014

Make-Up Bags

Afternoon all,

After the slog (in a good way) of getting lots of items together recently to send to TOAST, as mentioned in my previous post, (thanks again for the info Carol) I have been busy on a plan of action for re-stocking and new-stocking (yes, it is a word) and so far...

This is part of my re-stock/new-stock section (yes, they combined, leave me alone):

These Flat Base Make-Up Bags are always a good seller and at only £6.99 it's no suprise really. They are all interfaced making them strong enough to stand up easily, they are all lined, they all have a flat base, they all fold down if needs be, they all have zip tags to add to the quality finish and they all have a little ribbon attached to the zip pull. And they are all made of cotton so can easily be washed (recommended by hand, and dried standing up if needed).

I make these with flat bases so that not only can you get a lot in them, the bag stands up when in use so it's easy to see the items inside :)

I will be putting them in my Etsy store soon... They are lovely as a treat for yourself or make even better gifts. Christmas is coming...

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More soon...


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