Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Man Cushion? And Craft Fair

Hi again,

I didn't think I would have time to post this tonight - but I do - so here it it, my other invention of today:

An Aztec and Denim Cushion. The fantastic Aztec material was given to me by a good friend of mine, Guy, of Guy Badham Photography quite a while ago and I have made a few small projects with it, but this jumped into my head yesterday and I knew I had to get working on it today. It is from no other that Liberty of London (oh my) and it is such a good quality it makes it easy to work with. The denim is an all time favourite material to work with and I really hoped the two would work well together. They do.

I have made it as a patchwork cushion, it has the Liberty selvedge edge attached and a small detail of the Aztec material as highlights on the denim, it has an envelope back so the form can be removed to wash the cover and it is 16" x 16". I labelled it as a 'Man Cushion' just because of the muted and rustic colours but of course it's not entirely true! This is non-gender cushion and would go in many places of your home.

Liberty of London!

Aztec Highlight

Envelope Back

Fantastic Aztec Material

I am not going to list this in my Etsy store just yet as a I have a fair on Saturday and will take it to that. The Craft and Gift Fair by the way is at the St. Leonards Community Centre in Wollaton, Nottingham so if you are in the area or you fancy a day out, please come along as I know there are to be some fabulous stalls there - Christmas is only a heart beat away...

Thanks for reading, leave a comment if you like.

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