Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Linen, Cotton and Liberty of London!

Hi all,

Don't know about you but Spring really does bring out the 'busy-bee' in our house... we don't seem to have stopped in a looooonnng time. Oh well, I guess it's all good.

Anyway, I just wanted to post a quick blog on a few of my latest makes, so first up:

These are really cute little Flex-Frame Linen Purses. I made flex-frame purses a while ago and they went well, so I thought I'd make a few more in the linen materials I have; these are the first two styles. They are small enough to fit easily in a bag yet roomy enough to hold multiple cards and coins, or all kinds of bits and bobs. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Strawberries with Pink Spot

White Heart with Cherries

They are made with flat bases so you can not only fit loads in but also they stand up, plus they have cream cotton linings and the linen exteriors mean they are really hard wearing so should last for ages. What do you think?

Next up:

Another batch of Tissue Holders, as these are officially the hot-cakes of the fairs and sell so much so, that I am very often making them. They are quite sweet though aren't they? I had one lady at my last fair buy four in one go! Gifts, me thinks...

And finally (I think you'll like this):

This, ladies and gentlemen, is The (capital T) Denim and Liberty of London Aztec Print Drawstring Rucksack. Oh yes-siree. See the pictures for details.

Aztec detail added to the rounded corner top flap which has an elastic loop for closing

It has a denim base for added strength where needed and you can see the strong cord

It has two good sized wide shoulder straps

It also has a loop handle for convenience

Here you can see when the drawstring is pulled and the contrast between sides of the flap

Here's what it looks like when the flap is back and all the Aztec print is exposed

It is a really large 'bucket' style rucksack to take lots of goods

And it has a light cream interior to help find your items easily

I just love this bag and am sorely tempted to keep it! It is re-enforced in all stress areas, fits comfortably on the shoulders and is made of sturdy materials aiding durability and lasting quality. The best part is the fabulous Aztec print which is vintage Liberty material. I have used this material in earlier projects and it is just so nice to work with. This particular bag took me just over 6 hours to complete which includes design, sizing, measuring, cutting, pressing, assembly and finishing touches. I was a little tired...but I am sure you will agree, it was worth it!

I will be taking this to Bakewell at the weekend, so fingers crossed someone else loves it as much as I do :)

Well that's all for now, let me know what you think or pass this on. Thanks for reading.

(C) FMN Crafts 2015

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  1. I saw the bag in's even more impressive when you see it for real....fabulous job Julie!