Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Three New Items :)

Hello all,

Hoping you are well and not too caught up in Election Fever...

Today I would like to show you my latest works; I have been busy as usual. First up:

This is my Freehand Machine Embroidery Padded Flat Base Shoulder Bag. It has beautiful flowers on both sides that have been designed and sewn on using my favourite method, there is a floral lower band, and it also has a gazillion internal pockets. Yes, that's right.

It is made using sturdy denim materials in black and blue, the bag is lined in cream cotton with all the pockets in floral cotton, the handles are padded, the base is flat so the bag stands up by itself and the body of the bag is fleeced lined for extra padding and durability too. It sits nice on the shoulder or it can be held on the forearm, or it can be held at arms length.

I love it and it will be coming with me the the fair at the weekend; details about that later in the week.

Next up:

This is my Neutral Bunting and is so called because of the colour scheme.I am convinced it will fit into many homes and this is exactly why I made it using these colours and the materials - which are a mix of new and old. There are upholstery, curtaining, clothing and linen materials and they are bound with soft black webbing. Every other bunting flag has two buttons attached and each flag has a different front to it's back, meaning it is double sided, so it can be hung against a wall or across a room.

Each bunting flag is 8 inches tall, there are 12 flags per strip, it is 8 feet long and with it being made from these materials, it is long lasting. What do you think?

And finally for today:

These are my new style Tissue Packs, made using two different materials each and filled with 10 handy sized tissues. I changed the way I make them as I saw a lady with one like these recently and it got my cogs turning! I really liked the little strip on each side of the opening and once I worked out how to make them, I did. :)

They are just so pretty! They look good in any bag or even on the bed side table and they make great gifts...

That's all for today, thanks for reading and please leave me a comment if you wish.

(C) FMN Crafts 2015 

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  1. ...as inspired as ever...am looking forward to seeing them.