Monday, 3 June 2013

New Item - Beautiful Patchwork Curtain Material Shopping Bag

Hi all,

I have JUST finished making this - I designed it only a few days ago and completed it today :)

It is called a Patchwork Curtain Material Shopping / Tote Bag and I think that is self-explanatory enough, except that I need to point out these TEN things about it!

1) It is a large 'bucket' of a bag with plenty of room to hold a lot of shopping with no obstructions
2) It has long handles so it fits comfortably on the shoulder yet can be held at arms length if needed
3) It has a large outside pocket with snap closure that can hold a multitude of sins
4) It has an internal pocket that can hold your mobile phone, keys or purse for easy access
5) It is made of beautiful curtain material so has automatic strength and durability, whilst remaining soft to the touch
6) It is made of 8 patchwork pieces and has re-enforced 'hot spots'
7) The colours are eye-catching, smart and go with all outfits
8) It folds up small so it can be held in the palm of your hand or thrown into another bag
9) It is fully lined in complimentary cream 100% cotton
10) It has webbing straps that are hard-wearing for some serious shopping.
Need I say any more?? Someone needs this bag in their life - and I am making only ONE of these! Oh, and the button on the front that disguises the magnetic snap inside, guess what it is made of? Coconut! Beautiful. If this is not bought very soon, I will be keeping it for myself! ;)

So what do you think? You can see it on Etsy now - if you like it (buy it) please share it with your friends, leave me a comment and/or Like me on Facebook!

Thank you for reading, if you are in UK enjoy the much needed sun, if you are elsewhere, enjoy what you have!


(C) FMNCrafts 2013

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