Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tins, tins, tins!

Good afternoon, thank you for dropping by.

I want to show you these that I have just finished, in preparation for my Craft Fair coming up in Matlock Bath on Sunday:

They are re-worked tins made into pencil, pens, make-up brushes, utensils or 'what-ever-you-like' holders!

I prepared the tins for use, then lined them inside and out. For the inside I used felt and for the outside, I used craft paper with embellishments. Pretty cute, right?

You can see from the picture above quite clearly the felt lining and the contrasting base colour that applies to most of them, and then the ribbon around the edges. I liked using two different designs on most of the tins to add a little fun. They can be placed in any position and will always look cute!

The one above here has cute little cupcakes and stripes and so would fit into many places of the home, including as shown above, in the kitchen. There's really no excuse. ;)

This one is made using a smaller tin and so I made it a child's tin. It still comes with 12 crayons as the others do, it's just a little smaller in stature. The rabbit will hopefully appeal to many.

And the second of my children's pencil holders is this brightly multi-coloured one. I love this! It is of the small size but packs a punch. There's no chance of losing it...

Back to the full size again and this one will fit into many areas of the home again. And like I said before, they don't have to be just for stationery, they can be for make-up brushes, hair brushes and combs, utensils, paint brushes, scissors, bingo dobbers (!) - what ever takes your fancy. 

And finally I made this one that is a little more hard wearing and will suit tools and equipment as it has a more 'hardy' appeal. This is lined in one colour felt (black) and has upholstery material on the outside, from floor to ceiling, that will manage many knocks. Perhaps one for the men in our lives? Or is that too stereo-typical?

Anyway, I know there will be more to come, but wanted to share these with you for now. 

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Thanks for reading, take care.

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