Friday, 14 June 2013

Personalised Cross-Stitch Hand Made Bookmarks

Hi all,

I have a little post to bring you today of a new item I designed and made recently - personalised bookmarks.

If like me you love to read, you will no doubt have a few bookmarks strewn around your home. But, do you have one like this?

You will notice immediately the initial - that is the point (personalised) and then the pretty blue and pink rose background. On the reverse it is blue with tiny white polka dots and is complete with a pretty little pink ribbon.

Here is one in action:

And here is a little collection of pictures:

In the picture above you will see 7 that I have made so far, there are obviously more to come and I will be posting on Etsy in a moment. I cross-stitched the initials which took a while as I haven't done any cross-stitch for about 4 years and my wrist was aching (!), the interior is interfaced so the bookmark remains in shape throughout it's many years of use and the ribbon is pushed through a metal eyelet.

Do you like them? I have a kindle Fire HD and I love my books on it - but/and I love a 'physical' book too - how about you? At £4.49, can you resist? Hand made remember...

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