Monday, 17 June 2013

Two New Items - Beautifully Eye-catching Oilcloth Shopping / Tote Bags :)

Evening all,

I'm just going to throw these at ya'

This is how the story goes...I was playing. Yes, playing. I had done my jobs for the day (it was Saturday, so it was washing, bathroom cleaning, shopping, you know the drill) and I just wanted to play around at something that I could make for myself (which does NOT happen very often.) I looked around my workshop, saw the oilcloth sitting there - it was sitting as I haven't had much to use it for recently - and I thought about making myself a shopping bag. One that would hold frozen or refrigerated goods that would look pretty, yet be sturdy and could be wiped out when I got it home. 

The oilcloth shopping bag was born.

I designed a shape, the sizes and the materials to use, I got the complimentary bias binding and the cottons needed together and got to work. I was suprised and very pleased at how quickly it came together (I am referring to the bag at the top). Happy me! Or so I thought. 

I made the second one today (after nipping to the material shop), the red, black and white one, and have just found myself listing both items on Etsy. Damn it! I meant to keep the first one for myself...

Oh well.

I have more material, so I can always make another one I suppose.

Anyway, what do you think? Do you like them? Please leave me a comment, or Share this, or Like me on Facebook.

Have a nice evening, lets see what I can create tomorrow. Maybe something for myself.... ;)

Thanks for reading,

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