Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Hi all,

Excited - had to share this with you.

When I was on Twitter yesterday, I noticed @sewing_online posted that she was just two Likes away from reaching 8600 Likes on her Facebook page and I replied by saying I only had nine... I know, very sad, just 9, and asked if she (Kim) would Like my Facebook page please...

So, Kim tweeted about me to all her followers, and asked them to go and Like my page to get it up to 50 really soon...

This morning I had 9, now I have 48!!!! So excited! That means people have been looking at my pages, they will have seen some of my products and you never know it may even lead to some sales!

I love her Website, her Twitter page and her Facebook page; please click on over and take a look :)

If you read this, thank you, please Like me on my Facebook page, visit my Twitter account or leave a comment here. I LOVE the communication it brings. Thank you.


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