Saturday, 1 March 2014

Jeans and Shirt Bag and Matching Purse

Good afternoon all,

I just had to show you this:

Something I created in an afternoon, a Jeans and Shirt combo making a Bag and Matching Purse :)

These items of clothing were in my 'to use later' bag and I was looking through the bag when I thought of this creation. I think it turned out well!

I unstitched the base of the 'bottom' area of the jeans (if you know what I mean), shaped and re-stitched into the desired size, I cut the shirt into pieces and used the sleeves for the handles, the sleeve roll-up things for the decoration on the front, the body of the shirt for the lining and a piece of the body for the mini front pocket and lining of the purse.

This picture shows the bag interior with the small breast pockets which can still be used for small items:

This pictures shows the lining of the purse with matching red zip:

And this picture show the purse's mini front pocket that can be used!:

I was contemplating putting it on Etsy, but then I have a Craft Fair at Bakewell this Monday so I think I will take it there and see what happens...

Do you like it? It's amazing what you can do with a little imagination and some re-cycling skills :)

Thanks for looking, leave a comment if you like or share this.

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