Thursday, 30 April 2015

New Items and a Giddy Moment...

Hi all,

For today's post I would like to show you a few new items (there's never a dull moment here), first up is a small batch of Freehand Machine Embroidery Cards that I took to the fair last weekend:

Whenever I put these out at the fairs they go almost straight away (which of course is good!) but I can pretty much guarantee I will not go home with many... Those of you who are eagle-eyed will notice there are some similarities to ones I have made before, but you may also notice there are some slight changes in style and colours materials/used, due to natural evolution of skills and experience in making items...

The next thing to show you are these:

These are really cute little Linen Coin Purses! They have two different sides to each purse, a cute little zip and a cream lining and a snazzy little string pull. Even though they are really small, they pack a punch in the content they hold! These will be going out at my next fair.

And my third items today:

My Freehand Machine Embroidery Denim and Firm Linen Purses. These are slightly different to the ones I made last time in that they have a different front to their back, so it makes them even more interesting. I love the little birds design and the materials are so hard wearing, adding to durability. They look cute too and you can get LOADS in them. I made one a while ago for myself and boy, does it take some abuse! I am not a pretty handbag type of girl - in that the exterior will be lovely, but inside? Jeez. My Mum often comments on the amount of unnecessary stuff items I carry in my bag and asks how it all fits, so my purse does get bashed around a bit, but it still looks like new :)

And finally for today, I tweeted about my Freehand Machine Embroidery Bakewell Pudding Shop framed piece of art recently and the Bakewell Pudding Shop themselves picked it up; here's a screen shot:

Teehee! I was made up! I am so proud...

And on that note, I'll sign off, until the next time :D

(C) FMN Crafts 2015

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