Monday, 30 March 2015

Bakewell and New Makes

Hello all,

Just a short post today to say I had a really fun weekend in Bakewell, and to show you what I made today.

At Bakewell it rained a lot but the people still came out and it was great to meet with friends and make some new ones. I sold quite a few things, including my Headstone Viaduct Freehand Machine Embroidery Picture I made a few weeks ago:

A really lovely couple with a tiny baby in arms came to the stall, fell in love with it and bought it without much hesitation. I was so very pleased - not just for myself but for them; I simply love this piece of art and the techniques used and I could tell right away they felt the same. They have already sent a message saying it looks great on their wall, so I am even more excited about it. :)

Because I have sold quite a few things at recent fairs and online, I seem to have been non-stop in the workshop over the past few weeks and so today, I was back in there making these:

Small Freehand Machine Embroidery VW Camper Van Cushions.

I LOVE camper vans, especially pre 1967 split screen camper vans. In my opinion, these vans have a greater style than those of later dates but of course, this is just my opinion! I made a 'green theme' one recently that sold only on it's second day out and I have had many comments regarding them, so I thought I would make a few more.

These two in blues and pinks were fun to make and I am really chuffed how they turned out. I gained some new materials a few weeks ago and they work great for these vans so expect more... They are a really cute size and pack a punch at 12" square, they would also fit in many places of your home - or make great gifts!

What do you think?

I will be back in there again tomorrow as this coming weekend will be a busy one - I am in Bakewell for 4 days, Friday to Sunday so that will be fun! With it being Easter weekend, I am expecting lots of people coming through the door. If you fancy a day out, please come to the Bakewell Town Hall to visit the fabulous stalls peddling their wares. Doors open at 10am each day and if you don't know where it is, you will see signs for the fair all over Bakewell that say 'Follow The Sheep'. Can't miss them...

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