Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Evening all,

Long time no blog... It's been a busy time of late and I haven't been able to blog so much, but here I am with 2.47 minutes to spare, so lets get cracking!

First up (of my new creations):

This is my Small VW Camper Van Cushion! I simply love campers and all things related to and thought this would be something different to add to my repertoire... And yes, sure, I know there are quite a few VW Camper Van items out there, but is there a cushion embellished with a subtle green van and button headlights? I challenge you to find one! This one is a diddy 11 inches square and would look great in many areas of your home. I can also make them to match your colour scheme...

Next up:

These are cute little Freehand Machine Embroidery Lavender Bags to add to my collection. Again, REALLY small, these measure a tiny 2 and a half inches across at the widest part but they're filled with beautifully aromatic lavender heads from Provence. I used my machine to make lovely lavender stems on the front, they are draw-strung and can fit anywhere and so now, I have three types of lavender bag. :)
Next for today:

These Flat Based Make-Up Bags are made using really lovely butterfly print material and I have made them with a different colour each side; one white based and one pink based. They both have complimentary spotty interiors and zips, the zips have covered ends which gives a professional touch and the little ribbon helps the pull. I like these a lot, not just because of the fabulous print but because of the flat bases, making it that when in use, they stand up. Simple. They are roomy enough for plenty of stuff cosmetics a girl needs and are also made of cotton so can easily be cleaned. They also look fab on a dressing table or set of drawers...

And finally for today:

Here are three designs of make-up or cosmetics bags, made using fabulous cotton material that I haven't worked with for a while, complete with complimentary interiors, zip ends, zips and pull ribbon. These measure approximately 8.5 inches wide and are 6 inches tall, meaning there is a lot of room for all things necessary, albeit make-up, creams, lotions and potions, or nail varnishes, gadgets and anything you may need in your life. They lay flat and they look lovely! Plus, they make great gifts...

You will see all these items soon in my Etsy Store.

So, what do you think? Leave me a comment below or head on over to my Facebook Page.

Thank you for reading,

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