Tuesday, 24 March 2015

New Items

Good evening all,

I have been busy (as usual) and have a few of my creations to show you, I thank you for your time.

First up, my new Freehand Machine Embroidery Double Sided Purses:

I just love them. I decided to use the bird design (because I love that too) and I think it really works. I also decided to use an interior that packs a punch and so have co-ordinated the insides with the outer fabrics. Adding a pop of colour in the zip just brings it all together.

I came across the ribbon of 'Hand Made' tags recently and have started adding them to a few of my creations, and I think it adds even more of a professional touch. I will of course only add them when/where appropriate, but I think I like them on these purses. Plus, you could add a split ring and attach your key...

I also made these:

I think it must be because Spring has just arrived, but these seem to fit really well. Again, double sided, lined to make you smile and each having a happy zip. Is a happy zip a thing? Well, it is now.

Next up, my Freehand Machine Embroidery Denim iPad Air Case:

Even though I don't own an iPad myself, I know a gazillion people who do so I am sure these will sell quite well. As you can see, I used a rugged denim for the outer and a bright pink fan material for the interior. I made a template of an iPad Air for the measurements and this suits really well. The case has lovely little freehand machine embroidered birds, it is fully padded to protect your iPad and it has an elastic with button to close. And I know, as in the instance of my mobile 'phone cases, there are A LOT of cases in the market, but there are none like my own designed, hand made ones, made with much love, care and attention to detail. PLUS, if I make more than one of any of my items, they are still unique as all hand made items will be ever so slightly different.

Getting off my soap box now.

And finally for this evening, these Roll-up Shopping Bags:

These are so cute! I have had this vegetable material for quite some time and in the past have made children's bags and aprons but I saw it again today wrapped up and thought, hmm, what can I do with that? Sure enough, these bags popped into mind. I have made roll-up shopping bags before too, but not for about a year and so I got to work. These bags are of a substantial size being around 15" tall and 13.5" wide, enough to get plenty of shopping in and yet roll down really small, making it easy to grab and go, or pop into your usual bag, ready for the shops. They are lined in cream calico and have webbing straps to make it light, yet sturdy and as you'd expect, all stress areas are reinforced for durability. And the best thing is they are made of cotton, so they can be washed easily when needed.

This is how to roll them up:


That's all for now, please let me know what you think by leaving a comment or take a look at my Facebook page.

News coming soon of upcoming fairs. Stay tuned...


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