Saturday, 9 February 2013

Elasticated Sewing Machine Pin Cushion

Hello all,

Today I have been making these cute little things as mentioned in the title:

This are something that I have been meaning to make for myself for some time. It is an object that although small and simple, can make life a lot easier... It has always been a thing with me that when I am sewing at the machine and I get to a pin to pull it out, I haven't bought the pin cushion with me and I have to get up to get it! It's SO annoying! Especially when I am in the flow... I will not leave pins loose on the table unless I really have to as I know I will have an accident with that! Now, I have an answer in the Elasticated Sewing Machine Pin Cushion. Not what you call revolutionary but most certainly useful! The picture above with the pins in the cushion was no prop picture - this was after it's first use :)

The elastic is approximately 13 inches long and fits all size of machine. The little machine was in use when I took the pictures, but it also fits a monstrous Brother machine just fine; there is a lot of stretch in them :) All you do is feed the elastic under the sewing foot and wiggle the cushion along to the upright section. Easy.

These will retail for just £5, you can see them wrapped and ready to go, but not on Etsy yet as I'm still keeping items for my next fair - not unless someone asks that is ;)

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